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Ideal Size For Your Position

So many people question what a good size is for their position. “Is 5’10 too short” or ”is 165 a good weight?”. I understand why you are asking these questions but if you feel the need for someone to assure you that it is possible to play at your height or weight, you are gonna fail.

So what you are small? Look who is going to be the first pick of the NFL Draft... he’s 5’10 on a good day. I know some of you will think this is crap but that’s because you are small minded. Anybody who has gotten to the level of college ball or pro ball and is undersized has never believed it couldn’t be done. Russell Wilson is one of the most confident players in the game. He never once thought I am too small. I love the disadvantage of being smaller. It makes you work harder. You have to do everything better than the 6’4 guy. And that’s a good thing. Nobody ever works their ass off and doesn’t get rewarded. Size does not matter. Your mindset does. And if you think you are too small, you are going to play small. If you think you play like you are 6’4, you will play like you are 6’4. You do not need reassurance from a coach like me saying ”you are tall enough” when in reality, everyone is tall enough. If you can play, you can play. Bottom line. Nobody is going to deny you if you keep pushing.

So what you don’t get recruited from huge schools off the bat. Go to a JUCO and ball out. Or a smaller school and play but as long as you keep making the excuse, “I am small” or “not big enough” you will lose. Nobody great ever thinks like that. You have to play the game different. The world isn’t fair, you are going to be ridiculed for being small and they will all say you can’t do it, but how will you respond to that? If you just shrivel up and quit and say they are right, that’s exactly what will happen. Have some thick skin and go after it.

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