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Importance Of A Wide Base

The importance of a wide base for QBs really comes down to two things. Now when I say wide base, I don’t mean crazy wide, I mean your feet should be JUST OUTSIDE your shoulders. Not inside and not like you are trying to do the splits. Now with a wide base you need a slight bend in your knees so you are in a power position. A lot of people think a wide base screws up your posture, it doesn’t. Your posture needs to be vertical from your waist up and then you will have what you need to make sure you rotate. The wide base eliminates a long stride, and makes your release quicker. That’s why you need a wide base. If your feet are close together, when you drive off the back leg you will develop a long stride outside your frame. And the longer it takes for your front leg to get in the ground, the longer it takes for the ball to come out. Widen out your base if you have a long stride, high release or a long release. You will see a difference.

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