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Importance Of WRs Hands At The Top Of The Route

At the top of the route a lot of people forget about hands. People will snap down great and then drop their hands as soon as they drop which kills your momentum. You always want to be running no matter what. You want to run in then run out. A lot of coaches teach “beat the drum” or as I like to call it “milk the cow” because it’s a dumb technique when you’re trying to get out of a break. You want to run your arms. Your arms dictate where your body is going. So when you snap down if your arms stay forward you won’t  be able to turn your hips and it will take 2-4 extra steps to get out of a break. If you run your arms while maintaining good pad level towards the side of the break, you will be much faster at the top of the route. You cannot accomplish this without explosiveness. If you want to be a more explosive athlete, click the link below for our body weight explosion/speed/power workout plan. ⬇️⬇️

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