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Importance Of WRs Knowing Coverages

Knowing coverages as a WR is a huge advantage. You can be on the same page as your QB but you will know when to structure your routes to beat a certain defense. Being able to come up to the line of scrimmage and understand what the safeties, corners and LBs are trying to prevent is huge for you. You will know when to use certain releases, when to sit on your route instead of continue to run, know when to get your head around and know what routes specifically beat that defense. WRs should be a 2nd QB on the field. Every single receiver wants the ball more right? So why don’t you get on the same page as you’re QB? That’s what gets you the ball. Why do you think Brady always gives Edelman the ball? He was a former QB, understands what Brady is looking for and knows how to read a defense. Now, if you want to learn all of that, click the link below and get signed up on this website for my NFL defensive breakdowns. We breakdown 16 NFL coverages/defenses each month and show you everything I just described above! 👇🏻👇🏻

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