Improve Your Speed At Home

A lot of you are probably going to need to do something at home over the next few weeks to better your game. Obviously everything is starting to get closed down so how can you get better on your own time? What we are going to focus on today is speed. How can you improve your speed at home? That is very easy with a few things you can do. Body weight exercises are all you can really do if you don’t have weights at your house, which most people don’t. If you can do body weight exercises correctly, you can still improve your speed. Working explosive movements for low reps will be great for you to keep your speed up. Leg work and explosive work are the two things that I recommend. Focus on being as explosive as possible for 5-8 reps. That will be a great way to help your game during this “lockdown” if you will. If you want a workout plan for 28 days with the exact workouts, reps and sets you should do, click below! 👇🏻


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