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Incoming Freshman Football Advice

Being an incoming freshman at the high school level is always tough at first but if you approach things the right way it’s going to be a great year of development for you. Most incoming freshman don’t play varsity right away because they aren’t ready and that’s why freshman football was made. It was made to develop players. Now you should want to win like crazy. That should be your only goal, to win. But once you move on from freshman ball, nobody and I mean nobody cares about what you did. They want to know what you can do for them on varsity. That’s all a varsity coach cares about. I’m not saying don’t care about your freshman team at all. You should care. But your mindset needs to be “I’m here to get 1% better everyday”. You figure you have about 2 months of practice before the season. That’s 40 days of practice at least, then 10 games during the year, that’s 3 hard practices a week with a walk through. That’s 30 more days of practice. If you get 1% better everyday, your game will improve 70% at least. So your mindset should be improvement and getting better at the little things of football that will translate to the varsity level. Too many freshman just screw around and think they made it because they start on freshman football. NOBODY CARES once the season is over. If you have that attitude going to varsity you won’t play at all. Freshman football is to develop you. Yes, you should play to win, I am not at all saying that. But at practice, focus on development please. That’s going to ensure you actually play the next 3 years rather than sit on the bench and play a few snaps your senior year. I’ve seen it happen too many times.

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