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So recruiting services like NCSA for example are used widely around the country because they claim they can “get athletes exposure”. Today we are going to discuss why that is just simply not true and why you should ask for your money back. I hope you enjoy. 

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NCSA is the company I’m going to reference in this article but if you don’t know who they are, that’s a good thing. You see their ads everywhere claiming that they help athletes get to the next level and get exposure. But, when you know the facts behind what they do, you realize they are running a legal scam. If you go to their website homepage and scroll down to the very bottom- read the terms and conditions. They use all of this fancy legal talk into making you think it’s professional but it’s not. I’ll give you a run down of their business model- they make you pay thousands of dollars to get a “recruiting NCSA email address”… they will then sell the email address to college programs who pay them for the email address so they can flood you with a bunch of spam emails. Now you might think “how else am I supposed to get exposure and get in touch with coaches? I don’t care if they sell my info”. But here is the thing, they aren’t putting you in touch with coaches, they are putting you on an email list with thousands of other recruits that colleges have no interest in at all. The colleges want you to give them $60 to sign up for their camp that they “invited” you to. It’s all crap. They give NCSA thousands to make hundreds of thousands off of camps. All they need is the athletes email and they give them false promises of an invite. Some might even claim there is a discount involved because they were “invited”… yeah along with half of America.  And here’s the other thing to, NCSA will sell your email even if you sign up for the FREE MEMBERSHIP. So they will make money off of everyone. It’s kind of ridiculous. Now listen, I’m not knocking them for making money- that’s whatever. If they want to be shady in their business practices that is on them- but what really pisses me off is the lack of credibility they have going this route. They will sign up ANYBODY for an NCSA profile. But here is the thing, NCSA can’t hit the gym for you, they don’t provide you with trainers, they don’t watch your film and tell you what you need to improve on to ACTUALLY get recruited. Here is the honest truth, if you suck… you won’t play college football. You can give NCSA $1,000,000 and they can’t make a tackle for you or throw a TD for you. They should just  say “pay us thousands and we will get you fake camp emails”. When In reality you can attend any college camp that you want… just sign up on the schools website. NCSA is a total scam, they don’t care about the athlete, they only care about money and will not work for your best interest. I don’t own a competing recruiting company, I don’t gain anything financially from telling you this. I’m just calling it like I see it and also how a college coach sees it. 

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