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JUCO vs. D3

If you are a senior or a junior and maybe you do not have a ton of film- this article is for you. You’re gonna have the option to play either junior college football/community college football (it’s the same thing) or play for a lower division 4 year college. I’m not saying it’s impossible to go D1 but maybe you got injured, had to sit behind another senior who was better for 3 years etc. It all depends on your situation but today I am going to tell you about your options and how to make the best decision possible 

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So if you are thinking about playing JUCO ball here is what you should know… It is not like high school at all. Everyone there is playing not for the love of the game, but to move onto a bigger school. Which is fine, that’s how it is but you just have be aware of that going in. JUCO ball is still college football so if you think it’s going to be easier , you are mistaken. It’s still a grinding schedule with a lot of hours dedicated to your sport and the classroom. I think JUCO can be great for guys who do not have a means to pay for a grossly expensive & overpriced 4 year education at a smaller, lower division school. If you have dreams and aspirations of getting a scholarship or playing higher level college football- JUCO is probably the place for you.

Now the reason why I bring up the price of tuition at those smaller division schools is because they do not usually offer full scholarships. When I played, my entire goal was to get school paid for. I didn’t want my parents to experience a hardship of paying for my college so I went to a smaller school that pretty much gave me a full “academic” scholarship- but they obviously wanted me to play football. So there are ways to get it paid for. If you’re like me and you want to just get school paid for and that’s all, a smaller division school may be right for you. If your family has the means to pay for a little bit of your education than I highly recommend this over JUCO if you don’t want to play higher level college football. I think the smaller school option isn’t taken as serious by many players so you should also know that going in. But I think it’s really up to you and your own situation/goals as to what decision you make post high school. 

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