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Key To A Faster 40

The keys to a fast 40 are three things in my eyes. 1) you need a great start. How you can get a great start is by driving for the first 5-7 yds before you stand up and run. The goal is to generate as much force and as much momentum as possible in that 5 yd space. If we can drive out and be powerful with my arms and strides/keep a great pad level, you will be more explosive. Thus giving you a better time. 2) I think your top speed needs to be on point for a good time as well. So after the drive phase you need to have perfect arm swings and a perfect stride length. Your arms stay at 90 and your shoulders are swinging them back and forth. Plus you have a relaxed upper half. Also you keep your ankles in dorsi flexion(flexed and toes up) Also, if you strike the ground on the balls of your feet that gives you more drive. 3) Lastly I believe you need to train correctly. Explosive movements in the weight room are essential! Now I know a lot of you can’t get to a gym right now which is why I have a 28 day body weight workout plan to improve speed. Click below to see the info! ⬇️

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