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Key To Being A Dual Threat QB

I think the key to being a dual threat QB is being a passer first. If you’re considered a “dual threat” you can probably run and are very athletic so that’s not an issue. But the struggle is being able to use your athleticism to extend plays. Being able to use your speed to get out of situations in the pocket but being a passer first. There aren’t many QBs that are more athletic than their receivers and if you are that’s fine but let’s get the ball to our playmakers. QBs are like point guards, yes we take the shot when we are open but we are a distributor. Get the ball in the hands of our guys. When you escape the pocket let’s think past first. Don’t drop your eyes and never stop going through receivers/reads. Now the key for dual threat guys is having great throwing mechanics. But not a lot of them have that. They just rely on maybe arm strength but aren’t consistent. This leads to them not having confidence in their passing. If you want me to take a look at your throwing mechanics so you can be a more confident passer click the link below! When you sign up you’d get access to an email submission link where you can send me film of yourself and I would break it down just like professional film. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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