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Lifting Wrong In The Weight Room

Some guys get caught up in the lifting contests that happen everyday in high school football weight rooms. They try to lift as much weight as possible and don’t care how they do it, just as long as they get the weight up. Now if your goal is to put on size, you won’t do it with this method. If you want to get stronger this method could benefit you but you won’t gain any weight or size. If you are trying to put on muscle mass, you need to focus on the form of the movement and isolate the muscle. You should lift heavy but not heavy to the point where you cheat the weight up. It’s not going to help your muscle growth. For muscle growth you need to focus on the form and do as many reps as you can with that weight with good form. No cheating. You may not look like a strong guy but you need to be okay with losing a few competitions of who can lift the most weight. Focus on the growth, not looking good in front of your friends.

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