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Mindset When You Are At Practice

What should your mindset be at practice? That is going to be the place you spend probably 90% of your time in preparation for the game. It can suck sometimes but if you approach it with the right attitude you will see your game and your outlook on the game improve. If you approach everyday with a beginners mindset you will start to enjoy practice. Even if you have a coach who’s a yeller, or a bunch of guys who like to talk too much, you can still find value in it. The only reason you practice is to get better, approach each day like it’s your first day of football practice as a youngster and try to get better and learn something new. Growing up I didn’t like certain practices because it always felt like crap. It was hot and you had big ass pads on but as soon as I realized we were all there for one goal, and that is to win games, my approach got better. A lot of guys are nervous for practice, they are scared to screw up. I was that way as a young player, but as soon as I realized that practice is so you don’t screw up in a game I wasn’t as worried. Practice isn’t supposed to be fun, but you can make it fun by getting better. And who doesn’t want to get better? If everyone had that mindset there would be no need to practice. Have a mindset of a beginner and you will see your game start to improve like a veteran.

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