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Most Important Aspect Of WR

The most important aspect of playing WR in my eyes is catching. The ability to finish the play is something that is not heavily coached but it should be. A lot of people focus on the fancy release and the fancy moves at the top of the route but none of that crap matters if you can’t catch the ball. So what you got open? Did you finish the play? If that’s not the case nobody cares what release you did. And the QB won’t have faith in you if you drop the ball. That’s how you don’t get your touches. Believe me, take it from a guy who knows, as a QB I’m not gonna throw you the ball if I’m not confident you’re gonna haul it in. Improving your hands builds chemistry with your QB. Now if you don’t have anybody to throw you the ball on a consistent daily basis, you can still improve. Check out below a 30 day workout plan to improve your hands. Guaranteed to help your catching within the next month, no QB required and we give you grip strength exercises, hand eye coordination drills and much more. Click below to see the details! ⬇️

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