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The best trait a QB can have is confidence. If he doesn’t have confidence all the work you put in during the off season won’t matter. You can be the greatest thrower, runner etc. but if you don’t believe in your ability and are not sure of yourself, you won’t deliver. You have to be comfortable with yourself and you need to just be you on the field. Too many QBs try to be like other guys. Baker Mayfield is real popular so a lot of guys try to be him, you can be LIKE him but don’t be him. You should be you. It shows insecurities when you are trying to be like other QBs. Be comfortable with yourself so you can have command over your team. A team will respect a QB who is just himself. That’s why all NFL QBs are different because they have accepted who they are and that’s what makes them great. They know how good they are, the work they put in, what motivates them and how to execute their job. That’s how you need to be in high school and college. Try to be as comfortable in your own skin as you can, and watch your game develop because you have more confidence in your abilities.

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