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Most Important Thing On Game Night

On game night the most important thing is trying not to do too much. If you think you can win the game all on your own, you are sadly mistaken. Football is the ultimate team sport and you have 10 other guys on the field with you at a time. Do you want to know how great teams win championships? They have 11 guys doing their job on almost every play. That’s why they are successful. If you can focus on your job on each given play you will be doing your 1/11th to help the team. You don’t need to pick up the slack for other players. Obviously you have to sometimes but that shouldn’t be your mindset. You can’t win a game all by yourself. You have to be playing together. In my opinion this is the most important thing on game night because game night is all about winning. It’s fun to win. But you can’t do it alone. If you are a leader on your team, explain this to your guys. If you can get every single person to do their job I gaurentee you will win most of your games. Now the question is, “Can the other team do their job better than we can do ours?” And the way you solve that is through hustle and grind. That’s why you spend all of those hours practicing. So when it comes time to work, you can do your job and do it well.

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