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Most Important Trait Of Football Players

The most important trait all great football players have is toughness. I think the reason why so many people come from poverty stricken areas in the NFL is because of how mentally tough they are. They have experienced so much adversity and that makes them tougher. You hear the expression “soft” thrown around a lot and it’s sad but true. Too many guys are soft, they don’t want to go through the shit to get to the success. They just want success right away, it takes work. I think people who come from below average backgrounds have a huge advantage on the kid who come from privilege. I’m not saying being privileged is bad it’s just you need to work that much harder because there will always be that kid who doesn’t care about anything but football. Football is all he has and the work that he puts in is all he cares about. That’s how you get mentally tough and get that advantage on the competition. In the NFL they are all good, but what make a great player? It’s their mindset and mental toughness. Are they tough enough to deal with the 4 hour practices and 2 a days. Are they gonna rise up to the challenge or shrink back and complain? That’s how you can separate yourself in today’s game.

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