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I think one of the most important traits a WR can have is confidence as well. If you have that belief that you are the best player on the field at all times you will be successful. But when I say belief I don’t mean false belief. I mean you believe in yourself because of the work you put in. Confidence comes from preparation and if you did everything possible in the off season to get better you have a right to be confident on the field. But don’t be arrogant. Too many clowns in this game of football. Perfect example is Deandre Hopkins. Quiet confidence, but when asked about it, he believes he is the best. That’s a true WR. None of those guys in the NFL are super boastful. And the ones who do feel they are the best, outwork everyone in the league. So you have to earn that respect. But I believe confidence is the best trait a WR can have to perform at their fullest potential. You have to see yourself making big plays and scoring points before it even happens. That is belief and that is what you need.

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