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No Film, How To GET OFFERS

Today we will be discussing how you can get recruited without any high school varsity film I hope you enjoy! 

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If anybody tells you that you can receive a legitimate scholarship offer without high school VARSITY film they are lying to you. However, not being active in the recruiting process, just because you don’t have film, is a huge mistake a lot of recruits make. Yes I know that there is always going to be some story of “oh well I know this 8th grader or this freshman who doesn’t have varsity film and he has a full ride to Alabama”… that is something called a non-committable offer. AKA a fake offer. That means that it’s a “potential” offer. A lot of people pay assistant college coaches to give them those or they might actually have some real potential. However those are extremely uncommon. I’m talking about legitimate offers where a school actually wants you. 

So if you don’t have varsity film, where should you start? #1)- The answer is getting better in the off season. If you don’t have the skills yet to play varsity, you need to develop those skills. I would ask your high school coaches what you need to work on to have a chance to compete. And then that’s what your focus should be this off season.

#2)- Make a Twitter account. College coaches live on Twitter- so anytime you meet a college coach you need to follow him and shoot him a message just thanking him for his time. Don’t spam him film. Your goal is to build a relationship so when you get film you have a contact to sent it to. A real contact. Not some NCSA fake contact.

 #3)- Get out to some college camps. Don’t break the bank traveling across the country but you need to get in front of coaches to build your contact list. Especially if you plan on starting next year. So don’t panic if you don’t have varsity film yet. If you follow these steps, when you get varsity film you will not be overwhelmed and confused as to where to start in the recruiting process.

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1 Comment

Eze Emmanuel
Feb 28, 2023

Good day Grant, I wanted to know how athletes outside the States can get noticed for offers?

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