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NO OFFERS What Should You Do?

So if you are approaching the end of the year or maybe your season has just ended and you don’t have any offers… please do not panic. The journey is not over and you have a couple of different options to still play college ball. That is what we will be discussing today. I hope this can help!

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Okay so immediately after the season ends, if you haven’t already, you need to finalize your highlight tape. College coaches cannot recruit you if you do not have any film to show for the season. And you don’t not want to be scrambling if a college coach comes around asking to see your film. So make sure your tape is made #1 

Now, the first option I want to discuss is for the older guys- mainly the seniors. If you’re a senior and your last year of high school ball just ended- JUCO is a route that you can take. Not saying that this is the best route but it is an option. If you think you are a D1 caliber player but maybe you didn’t get too many opportunities in high school or got injured, JUCO can be a good route. For those of you that don’t know JUCO is short for junior college. Or community college. It’s  a place where you can spend 1-2 years at earning your associates degree- D1 colleges recruit from JUCO and treat it almost like high school. You can choose this route or you can choose attending a smaller D2-D3 school. Chances are those are more expensive, they cannot give out athletic scholarships but you can earn a lot of money via grants, financial aid and academic scholarships. I played at a D2 school and got 95% of it paid for, so it is possible. That decision is mainly for the guys who just want to go to college and could care less where it is at. They just want it paid for and that’s great. Then last but not least, you can walk on to a college. Walking on is a tough road but essentially it is like trying out for the team at a higher level school. You would need to reach out to the athletic department to figure out when the tryout date is and you would show up. This is a very hard road. You are treated at first separate from the team because their priority is the scholarship guys. But if you have the means to pay for a 4 year college and think you can make an impact, walking on could be a viable option.

Reason why I bring these options up is because often times after your senior year, the bigger D1 schools have  already finished recruiting. So you need to be realistic with what you can get. Not saying it’s impossible to go D1, because I’ve seen it happen, but you need to know your options. 

Now if you are a younger guy and don’t have any offers, don’t panic. You need to get together your film and start getting it in front of coaches. Reach out to them via Twitter, ask them when they have a camp coming up that you can attend and build relationships with them. Because when they come through your school this spring, you want them to already know who you are. You still have time, but you need to get in front of coaches at camps, get your film to them and make connections with them. 

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