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NO VARSITY FILM, How To Get Recruited

So a lot of athletes out there have dreams and desires of playing college football, but either they are young or just don’t have much experience so they lack the most important part of the recruiting process and that is a VARSITY Highlight tape. Now you can still get started in the recruiting process without the tape- you can set yourself up for a lot of success once you get film by taking these easy steps we will be discussing below. I hope this can help! 

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Okay so, first things first, you cannot get any real recruiting attention or offers without a varsity highlight tape. All the 8th graders and freshman you see with offers are not legitimate recruits. It’s all for hype and views- a college coach cannot give an official offer until the summer before your junior year. So it’s all complete crap FYI. Now if you don’t have the tape the two most important things you need to do are camps and improving your skills. I’ll start with improving your skills. You are not on varsity for a reason. It’s either you might be small, young, not skilled enough or just sitting behind guys who are older/better. So you need to get a lot better this off season to have success on varsity. We don’t want to just make varsity, we want to be successful on varsity. So get in the gym, work on your speed invest in yourself and your own ability. This is the first step for anybody who is not on varsity yet. You need to ACTUALLY make and dominate varsity ball. 

Again, this article is about the steps you need to take in order to get recruited ONCE you get a varsity highlight tape, and improving your skills is a essential step. If you aren’t good, you won’t play varsity and al of this doesn’t matter. Now, secondly going to camps should be somewhat of a priority. Don’t waste your time with showcase camps if you don’t have varsity film. Those are all money grabs. Stay away from “You Are Athlete” “Rivals” and anything else that claims to get you exposure. They cannot get you exposure without film. So focus on development, not exposure. Now college camps you should attend to build relationships. You will be working directly with the guys who can be recruiting you in 1-2 years. Get to know them, get their Twitter info, follow them and keep up with what they are doing. So when you get film, you have an already made contact that you can reach out to. If you do these steps and get a varsity tape next year, it’s a lot easier road. 

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