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Nobody Follows A Victim

People don’t follow a victim. Especially at the QB position. They need somebody who doesn’t care about the circumstances, he just gets the job done and he does his job well. That’s what any successful leader has.

They do not point the finger at other people and they don’t make excuses. Nobody wants to be around a guy like that. If they say “oh my offensive line sucks” or “the coach isn’t playing me because of politics” you are not being the best leader you can be. Maybe those things are true, even if they are 100% true, nobody cares. They just want to get better. A team is a very close unit. If you start using negative talk among the inner circles of a team, you will just divide the team. And nobody wants that. Everyone wants a team to be one unit and one heartbeat. The second you start pointing the finger, is the second nobody will have your back. The main focus is QB and QB can be a very lonely position at times. If you blame others for your short comings, nobody will have your back when things start to go wrong. And they will start to go wrong I can guarantee you that. Every QB has a bad game. But I love it when a QB has a bad game and his team picks him up. Best feeling in the world as a QB because believe me, nobody feels worse about a bad game than the guy who had it. Start taking ownership of the things that go wrong. Somebody drops a pass, that’s your bad. Somebody misses a block, you should have made a better play with your feet. Start taking ownership and you will see what the guys around you start to do. But the second you point the finger is when they don’t want to play for you. It takes someone with a lot of guts to do this. You will get a lot of crap from coaches but they will respect it. You signed up for the QB position so it’s time you take responsibility of the offense.

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