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Nobody’s Opinion Of You Matters Except Your Own

Too many people are afraid. Afraid to go after things they want in fear of what people might say and how people might react. If you have that mindset you are going to fail. If you just do what everyone wants you do, you won’t be happy nor successful. You have to get out of your comfort zone.

Most people are afraid to work their ass off because people will say “oh why are you doing that?” “It’s never going to pay off” but they are just scared of you actually making it. They just want to feel better about themselves not working. Hate is an interesting thing. When people hate, you are doing something right. Look at any celebrity constantly in the news. Most of the time it is negative. But you can not deny the fact they are successful. That is how you will be. They don’t talk about the average. They talk about the people out there everyday working and going after what they want. If you can’t hear the hate you aren’t big enough. I love when people hate. It’s more fuel to the fire. That’s how you need to approach each day. If people’s opinions scare you, you need to become more content with yourself. The best way to silence a critic is with success. Be that guy. Not the scared guy in the corner.

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