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One Thing That Kills WRs

All WRs want the ball. That’s just how they are wired. And I can respect that but the one thing I hate to no end is when WRs complain about the QB throwing them the ball. That is the best way to not get the ball. They make a bad throw or don’t see them open and they just start complaining. Do you really think that a QB is going to reward you for talking bad about him. Hell no. He’s going to see you running a route and look the other way. You will never get the ball. Take it from a guy who knows, if you don’t give respect to the QB he’s not going to respect you enough to get you the ball. Period. If he throws a bad ball just pick him up and say it’s all good. Don’t be that guy who thinks you know more than the QB because you don’t get it unless you have played. And the guys who have played QB before, understand it’s more than just throwing a ball. It’s the hardest position in all of sports. Believe me, nobody wants to get you the ball more than the QB but at the end of the day, the play that’s called doesn’t matter because if the QB doesn’t like the route you are running he won’t throw it. Back when I played, if WRs would complain about the ball or if I wasn’t getting them the ball I would really give them something to complain about. For QBs and WRs there needs to be that level of respect. Because one can’t ball out without the other. But for WRs, there can be 3 other guys on the field who could get the ball too. So if you are complaining and talking bad about the QB your chances are very slim. Take care of your QB and he will take care of you.

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