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Pros & Cons Of Playing 7on7

Below we will be discussing the pros & cons of playing 7on7. 7on7 can be a great tool for development in the off season if you approach it correctly. I hope this can give you some insight on this aspect of our game! 

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Pros: So let’s start with the good before we get to the bad. For QBs & WRs I think 7on7 is highly beneficial from a skills standpoint. As QBs you learn about coverages, getting the ball out on time etc. As WRs you learn how to attack specific coverages, you are faced with press coverage etc.

So there are a lot of positives skill wise. But the negatives come from usually coaching in my opinion and athletes not treating 7on7 as to how they would treat a game. 

Cons: For QBs, if you guys are taking a 1 step drop from the tee or taking 5 hitches to go through progressions and are right at the line of scrimmage when you throw… YOU’RE NOT GETTING BETTER. I’ve seen this so many times with QBs and it just does then a disservice when fall comes around. I personally blame the coaching. There isn’t enough emphasis on QB footwork and QBs timing their drops to certain throws on 7on7 plays. Coaches will literally create plays JUST for 7on7. How does that get your QB and your WRs better? They are never going to run those plays, so why practice it? Just so you can get another Pylon fake trophy to your trophy case? Give me a break. QBs just make sure you’re treating your footwork, progressions & drops realistically. You will get a lot out of 7on7 if you do.

Now for WRs there isn’t a ton of negatives honestly. I think it’s great work, but I think you need to play on a team where your QB is playing and you’re running actual passing concepts that your high school team will run. If your QB is on a different team than you, it’s not the end of the world but I highly recommend being on the same team as your QB. Because in the grand scheme of things, what matters for college recruiting is fully padded 11on11 film. And as WRs you cannot make plays when the bright lights are on, if your QB doesn’t get you the ball. And a lot of him giving you opportunities to make plays is having chemistry with him. So playing 7on7 with your QB builds a ton of chemistry. I would rather have you be on a team with not as much “hype” than a team who has all kinds of hype but you’re not building chemistry from it. I understand there are circumstances where you can’t play on the same team, maybe your QB plays baseball or something…but if it’s possible I recommend it. 

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