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QB Mindset

What should a QB be thinking before every single game? They play one of the hardest, most ridiculed positions in all of sports. How are they going to handle it? That’s what we are going to talk about today.

QB is a very interesting position because you have so much to think about. But at the end of the day you are still a football player. You still get those giters before the game and are still a little anxious. And that’s a perfectly natural feeling, however there is a way I believe to remove that and just do your job. It’s by taking every single play “1 play at a time”. That is what worked for me personally, I hope something like that can work for you, because when I stopped worrying about crap that didn’t matter and all of the stuff we were going to have to do to win, and I just focused on winning each play, my game forever changed. There wasn’t any nerves or anxiety. I was just playing ball. That’s how QBs gotta think. Make sure you win each play! If it’s a run play, what’s your job? Be a salesman and carry out your fake. You need to be the best damn salesman and be the best at carrying out your fake each play. Do the little things right. It’s a pass play, “okay what are my progressions? 1st read? 2nd read? What do I do if they are in this coverage?” And the list goes on. Just do your job to the best of your ability each play. I know that sounds simple and you probably think it is BS, but just try it. Try it in practice. Suddenly you stop worrying about the big mountain you have to climb, if you take everything 1 play at a time and the small wins start to add up. You are in the EndZone eventually. Be calm in moments of chaos and just focus on your job. That will forever be the advice I give QBs. Take it one play at a time.

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