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QBs always ask me how they can improve their deep ball and that’s why I am writing this piece of content. I think the best thing to do is film yourself throwing deep to see if there are any mechanical flaws primarily. A couple of the common ones I see: your shoulders are too flat, this causes you to push the ball up in the air not getting enough arch or power to it. You want your shoulders at about at 45 degree angle so you can rotate on the ball. Another flaw is that your follow through isn’t up in the air like you are shooting a free throw. Some guys like to come across their body with their finish rather than up in the air and flick their wrist. That won’t get any arch on the ball either and it causes your ball to not turn over. Another common mistake is you throw all arm, you take your hitch and your feet get super close together which causes an over stride and that kills your power <or> you start with no bend in your knees and you are straight up and down, you want to be vertical from your waist up, that’s about it. Slight bend in your knees for power. If you can do these three things correct, you will have a good deep ball. As for distance on the ball, how you can improve that is by working your hip drive from any one of our drills, pushing more off the back leg(inside arch) or getting in the weight room and working legs and core. That’s how you can improve your deep ball.

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