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QBs: How To Deal With Missed Blocks

QBs with a bad offensive line already made the biggest mistake. They called their offensive line bad. You never, ever want to talk bad about the big boys who block for you. If you do, why would they even want to block for you? They could very easily miss a block on purpose and let you get killed. The offensive line should be your best friends. Even more so than receivers. I can’t stand when a QB makes an excuse and blames their poor play on the offensive line. Even if it is their fault, you don’t ever point the finger. You are the head honcho, you are in charge of the offense so take some damn ownership. A lot of young QBs point the finger and say “they can’t catch” or “they can’t block” but at the end of the day it’s on you. Why didn’t you spend extra time working with them after practice? You could’ve very easily said “let’s get some extra work in” but you didn’t. So technically it’s on you. That should be your mindset. Quit playing the victim. A successful QB never does that, he take responsibility because that’s what leaders do. Don’t ever blame the big boys. Be positive with them. They should feel bad for missing a block. If they don’t help you up when you get cracked, that should tell you something.

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