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QBs: Throwing On The Run Tips

For QBs throwing on the run is an essential part to the game. Whether it is a sprint out or you are escaping the pocket to get out. A couple of key things to make you better outside the pocket is your throwing side foot and your shoulder rotation along with emphasizing your follow through. You want to step with your throwing side foot in the direction of the throw. That serves as your “anchor” as I like to call it. What I mean by that is that you get your hips to the target with this step and also it serves to bring you under control for that split second where you need some kind of balance. As you step with your throwing side foot you want to rotate your front shoulder. So you can create that separation of your upper half and lower half or “dissociation” as the “QB gurus” like to call it. That will produce torque and give you more velocity on the ball. Also, when you perform these two things your follow through is what brings it all together. When you finish, extend your follow through at the target like you are throwing at a dart board. Also keeping your front arm tight to your body will help overall with your accuracy. It won’t let your arm fly inside if you keep your shoulders square and your release won’t get pushed up if you don’t dip your front elbow. If you want a complete QB throwing mechanics manual, with everything you need to know about throwing mechanics, click the link below! ⬇️

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