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QBs: Why You Have Arm Pain

I get this question a lot, what should QBs do for arm pain in either their elbow or shoulder? Now I am not an expert on recovery nor do I pretend to be, this is just from my personal experience as to how to treat it. I think the main key is ice obviously but why are you experiencing pain? In the elbow, that usually means your arm is over worked. You might be throwing too much, so take a day off and ice at least twice throughout the day. I used to ice my arm after every workout regardless of if I was sore or not. It is essential to take care of it. Now if the pain is in your shoulder, that is usually a mechanical issue, if you can focus on having the correct mechanics, throwing with your body instead of solely your arm, your shoulder pain will go away. Before I learned how to throw with my hips and legs I would have terrible shoulder pain. I would be throwing all arm. Those are the reasons as to why you are experiencing pain. If you want me to take a look at your throwing mechanics to see if there are any flaws that cause a drop in performance click the link below, when you become a member you can submit film to me and I will give you an audio/video breakdown of the things you can be better at along with techniques to improve ⬇️

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