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Respond To Adversity

So many athletes experience a minor setback and they change the way they approach their craft. They let their adversity dictate their attitude and their effort. Adversity is a positive thing and I am going to tell you why.

Adversity is the fuel for success. Anybody that Is the best at what they do, has experienced some form of adversity one way or the other. Adversity is something you have to face head on. Whether it is you not starting, an injury, or just anything not going your way. It should be more fuel to the fire. Adversity is the foundation of success. It will either push you to levels you never imagined or kill you. If you let these setbacks we are talking about define who you are, you will not win. If you stare adversity dead in the face and have the mindset that anything that comes your way wont defeat you, you will win. It’s that simple.

If you haven’t experienced anything like that yet, don’t worry it’s coming. The world has a funny way of doing that. But the beauty of this situation is that you can prepare for it. Have the mindset in everything that you do, that nothing will defeat you. I know you have heard this before but have you really done it? There is a freedom in having unshakeable confidence. On the field, you will perform better because you have that warrior mentality that nothing will beat you. Don’t get this confused with arrogance. Being arrogant is when you think you CANT fail and unshakeable confidence is when you know you WONT fail because you won’t allow that to happen. Arrogant people crumble at adversity because they think it can never


Adversity is coming. We have to be prepared because once you conquer your adversity, you can conquer anything.

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