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Senior Year, No Offers

It’s about to be August and a lot of you are about to go into your senior season of football. What if you don’t have any offers? It’s common to see guys get recruited as early as their freshman year sometimes sooner. Why haven’t you? Everyone’s journey is different. But what can you do to make sure you still play college ball. The most obvious answer is ball out your senior season and get some good film. Now I’m not saying D1 is impossible because it isn’t. You could still get an offer but you need some prior attention. But there are other options. JUCO, D2, D3, or NAIA. All of those are routes to explore. If you are just wanting to play the game for the love of it, I would suggest seeking out those lower division schools and sending them your film. You have to reach out to them. They rarely get interest so it’s more than likely you will get a response out of them. Now if you still want to play big time college ball, you could go the JUCO route. That makes the most sense if you have no D1 offers and you feel you are a D1 guy, but the most important thing is toughness in a JUCO, if it’s not the best team 95% of the guys are there to get out. So there isn’t much team bonding going on. Everyone is there for their personal benefit. Which can help you or kill you. It is your choice but all of those routes can work for you depending on the player.

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