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If you only play your senior year, is it still possible to go to a Division 1? The answer is yes. But everyone’s path is not the same and that’s what you need to understand. Not everyone has the highly publicized path of “starter for 3-4 years, 20 scholarships, National Signing Day decision etc.” Some people go down the road of patience to get their shot. I’m not trying to take anything away from those highly recruited guys either. They worked their ass off to be in that position and I’m sure a lot of guys work their ass off who aren’t but it’s more about the journey. Same destination. If you don’t have any offers going into your senior year, your options can be JUCO, Walk-On to a division 1 or hopefully get a scholarship. I have seen all 3 work. So it’s really what you want to do. JUCO and Walk ons have to be extremely tough. Perfect examples are Baker Mayfield and Cam Newton. Baker walked on, Cam bounced back to a JUCO and look at them both now. If those guys can do it, there is no excuse as to why you can’t. Then getting an offer your senior year from a Division 1 can absolutely happen. I have seen it happen. Just it’s unlikely for a school like Alabama or Clemson to offer because they get their recruiting done early but I’m not saying it’s not possible. Just trust the process. Everyone has a different journey but who is going to keep good faith in the process and in themselves? That’s who will win at the end of the day.

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