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Should I Transfer?

Seasons are starting to come to an end and I know some athletes might be thinking about transferring schools. Now if you are transferring simply because the coach “doesn’t give you your shot” or you feel “overlooked” that might not be the best reason to leave. Because most of the time that can be solved by working harder. I’m not saying there aren’t situations where that may be the case but you really need to look yourself in the mirror if you feel that way. Are you actually working hard? I hold the standard of hard work to the highest possible level, what the professionals do and what guys are the top of their game do. There are guys who put in 6+ hours everyday to get better at their craft. There is no limit to the amount of time you can put in. Yes you need rest and all that other extra curricular activities but if you’re gonna say you’re being treated unfairly, maybe instead of talking about it, you should start making yourself noticed. Start being the first one there and the last one to leave. More often than not, the guys who complain about this issue and transfer don’t have the work ethic needed. Adversity is going to make you a better player. Don’t run from a setback. If you are in an overall bad environment or want to transfer due to academics or whatever the case may be that’s valid, that’s a good reason to transfer. Don’t run from your problems. You will face those same problems at the next school. Everything can be solved by working harder. There are no limits to the amount of work you put in. Nobody has ever said “that wasn’t worth it” when they have worked their ass off.

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