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Should WRs Run Track Or Play 7on7?

This is a common question, believe it or not, that we get asked and the answer will always remain the same… it’s all based on what you need to do to get better this off season. And the whole point of off season training is to improve your weaknesses so you can either play extremely well or to get recruited to play at the next level to not pay for your education. So you need to think about what college coaches want to see. They want to see explosiveness, speed, big plays and great route running on film/good catching ability. So if you feel you need to get faster I would consider track, if you feel you have the speed to play at the next level (not a lot of people do) I would play 7on7. Now there are positives and negatives to each one and that is what we are going to discuss below!

This off season you cannot just do 7on7 or track, you need to be also building your strength, balance, ankle stability, knee stability and overall explosion in the gym! If you guys would like an 8 week off season WR specific workout schedule in the gym, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

Now when it comes down to track, you need to make sure you are running for a good program and a good coach. Often times track can feel like just conditioning. You end up just doing these super hard workouts, and that’s great for your conditioning but is it really helping you get faster if your coach isn’t giving you drills, workouts and tips to build speed? That’s when track can be a waste of time. Now when it comes to 7on7 I’m not the biggest fan of club 7on7. I know here in California they have a special league called 4vert where it’s a bunch of 7on7 teams not operating under the name of the high school, but it’s essentially the high school team. That’s when 7on7 is the best possible tool. You are building chemistry with teammates and getting better at plays you actually run. Not plays drawn up on a whiteboard by some coach wearing a back pack/bucket hat. 7on7 is not about hype, it’s about getting better skills and improving your game. Wouldn’t you want to do that with plays you actually run and guys you will be playing with? I know I would. Now if your school doesn’t have anything like that, it should, then settling for a club team is 100% fine. Just make sure you are there to get better. Not for the cameras.

WE ARE TRAVELING TO 8 CITIES THIS OFF SEASON FOR QB/WR CAMPS! We are coming to Houston TX, Phoenix AZ, Newark NJ, Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Nashville TN & Los Angeles CA! If you guys are local to those 8 cities we would love to have you out! Spots are limited to only 10-12 per position group! Sign up below ⬇️⬇️

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