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Should You Play 7on7?

Today we will be discussing some of the positives and negatives of 7on7 and if you should play 7on7 this off season or not. I hope this can help 

The Negatives- So a lot of people have the wrong idea when it comes to 7on7. They think it is going to help with exposure and getting recruited when in fact, it will not. The only benefit it can serve for recruiting is possibly connections and getting your actual skills better which can translate to Friday nights. College coaches want to see varsity film from a recruit. NEVER ONCE will you hear a college coach say “can I see his 7on7 film”. They want varsity game tape. Now you can meet some coaches for organizations that might be well connected and get your contact info to a college coach and that is great. Or they can organize a phone call where you reach out to the coach specifically. However, being on a good team will not help your “exposure” to a college coach. Might get you more Instagram followers but that DOES NOT matter. If you’re playing 7on7 for the hype and the exposure I don’t recommend it. It can be a waste of your valuable off season time. 

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The Positives- Now on the other end of spectrum, if you know what you’re getting into… 7on7 can be a fantastic tool to develop in the off season. If you’re strictly playing with the mindset of building chemistry with your high school teammates, getting your decision making quicker, your Route running better, improving your coverage skills etc. Then I think 7on7 is a great tool! Use 7on7 as an off season training method to get better. However if you are a guy who needs to focus more so on your speed or getting bigger in the gym I wouldn’t suggest playing a ton of 7on7. If you really need to develop I would recommend having a more training focused off season. On field and gym workouts that will help you and get you the consistent reps that you need. It’s not that 7on7 would be bad for you, just sometimes you may not get the coaching you need to actually develop in a setting like that. Coaches are calling plays, you’re having to read defenses etc. Not too much mechanical work is being done and a lot more youth/high school athletes need that work before they even consider 7on7 let alone varsity football in the actual fall season. Just make sure you have clarity on what you need to do this off season to get better. 

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