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Should You PLAY JUCO?

Below we will be discussing some of the positives and negatives of taking the junior college route rather than attending a smaller college. I hope this can help! 

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Personally I think there are better options than JUCO football. Here is why, I think JUCO is great for recruiting, you can get the same amount of scholarships as you would in high school but you lose eligibility! If you are familiar with something called a “prep school” I think you should heavily consider this option. A prep school is an extra year after high school that essentially preps you for college. You can play football there and get recruited there. More common on the East coast. But you DONT LOSE ANY ELIGIBILITY. It’s essentially JUCO without losing 1-2 years of college time. Now the draw back of prep schools is that it can be pricy. They are usually private schools, so there would be a tuition fee. You can apply for scholarships to a prep school and prep schools can recruit you just like how a college would. If you know you have D1 talent and maybe got injured or some circumstances occurred that didn’t allow you to gain film, a prep school may be a great option for you to attend. I would only recommend JUCO if you don’t have the financial means to attend a prep school. And that’s totally fine- just make sure your grades are on point so you can move on from that JUCO as quickly as possible so you can maintain as many years as possible of NCAA eligibility when you transfer to a 4 year college. 

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