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Should You Run Track This Off Season?

Below we will be discussing the positive and negative aspects of running track and why most of the time, it can be a waste of time. I hope this helps! 

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Okay so let’s start with the positive side of things. It can get you faster and more explosive which will obviously translate to the football season. Also, you will be in great shape while running track. But all of this depends on one single thing, which is why most of the time it can be a waste…

That single thing is that if you have a good track coach/program at your school. Track doesn’t hold the biggest priority in some areas… so it doesn’t get proper funding. Usually the head track coach is a volunteer who may have ran track in high school. The  school may not have the money to pay a track coach who knows what he is doing. So usually you end up wasting your time running laps and just practicing the events you will be running. It’s good for conditioning but can’t you do that on your own time? I’m not knocking track if you’re an actual track athlete. If that’s your sport that’s great, but if you’re a football player first, you need to be very wise with your time in the off season. If you don’t have a track coach who is coaching your form, providing you with speed drills, proper warm ups, plyometic training, proper gym workouts to build speed etc. you are wasting time. You could be spending that time with a legitimate speed coach, building your skills, or lifting with your team. Just make sure your school has a good program and you are actually getting faster not just getting in better shape. The whole point of track is to build speed, if you’re not going to… don’t do it.

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