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Should You Transfer Schools?

Below we are going to discuss when the best time to transfer would be and if you might be transferring schools too early. I hope this can help! 

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So, especially in the college world, transferring is such a popular thing nowadays. In high school there are a bunch of different rules about transferring that can vary from state to state. But at the end of the day, transferring is all about what you want for yourself and your high school career. 3 common reasons guys transfer are the following:

1)- No play time- this is a valid reason I feel. Maybe you are sitting behind a guy who is a D1 scholarship guy and you don’t see yourself playing until you are a senior or maybe not even then… that’s probably a good time to transfer. However that only makes sense if you are a QB or a kicker. If you’re playing a position like WR there are 4 spots that you can start on. Make sure you are extremely honest with yourself before starting the transfer process. Are they playing favorites or are you just not good enough yet? If you are a taller WR but sitting behind 2 outside WRs who have D1 talent, try to play some snaps in the slot. Trust me a college coach will know that you are an outside WR by your play style. But a college coach will never know you if you don’t get on the field.

2)- Team isn’t very good- I personally don’t like this one as a reason to transfer unless you are moving for better exposure. If your team has a bad record, don’t be so quick to jump ship to a school that is a winning team. You may not get as much play time and if the school doesn’t have exposure or recruiting connections it doesn’t matter at all in terms of recruiting. Colleges recruit YOU not your team. 

3)- Don’t like the coaches- This can be valid but a lot of guys use this as an excuse to transfer. They think just because a coach doesn’t play them, he hates them and doesn’t like them. But you need to ask yourself these questions. Have you been working hard? Have you shown up to every optional and mandatory team event? How are your grades? Have you ever missed practice? Do you have a bad attitude? Do your teammates respect you?  Maybe it’s you and not the coach. If you answered all of those questions correctly then maybe you should try to explore other options as far as a high school goes. 

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