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Should You Use NCSA?

The short answer is no, NCSA is something that is not necessary for any athlete to get recruited. So many athletes invest thousands and thousands of dollars into the recruiting process for little to no return on investment. Also, they are spending money on something they could do themselves! All NCSA does is sell your info. You sign up for an exclusive profile and they sell your info to schools and that’s why you keep getting all of these camp “invites”. Trust me, those are sent to 100,000+ athletes around the country. You aren’t being invited to anything. And it’s also not an invite when you have to pay for it. You can find the same camp info if you just do a little research on the schools website. As a former college athlete, trust me, the coaches at these schools want to hear from you, your high school coach and your teachers/administrators. Not some joe blow salesman who is making $ off of you. Maybe NCSA has helped some, but any college coach I have spoken with has always told me those guys are not well respected in the college world. They are called “street agents”. College coaches recruit off of your film and your high school head coaches opinion of you. You should be sending your tape to them, personally, from either Twitter or email. You can find their Twitter account or email address if you do some research on the school website. Find out the coaches name, search it up on Twitter/google. It’s not that difficult. Make sure you are smart with your money in the recruiting process and that you do not fall for the trap of letting someone else be responsible for your future.

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