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SKINNY WRs Need To Read This

Below we are going to be talking about how Skinny WRs can stand out and get recruited to play college ball. I hope this can help you out! 

If you are a QB or WR and would like 200+ drills  with the exact sets/reps to do checkout the link below! 

Weight isn’t as important as you think. Obviously if you are 6’2 140lbs it probably would help to gain some weight and you shouldn’t neglect it. But as everyone knows, it’s tough to put on a lot of size in a short amount of time. There are other things you should focus on, as well as gaining weight, to stand out to a college coach. A college coach has never gone to a high school and asked about a players exact weight. He’s asked about size, speed, transcripts and his film. So don’t be so focused on exact number, be focused on these three things below.

1)- Speed. Speed is the most important thing at the WR position when trying to stand out to a coach. Speed will turn heads and get you in the door. Then your skills can do the talking, but if you are on the skinny side of things, you better be fast and shifty. The whole reason people talk about gaining weight in football is so you can absorb hits. If you are a twig, coaches aren’t the most confident you can take hits. But if they can’t catch you, they can’t hit you. You need to understand, from a college coaches perspective, it is very hard to get someone faster in one off season when you get to college. It is A LOT easier to help you gain 10-200lbs of muscle when you get to a college eating/lifting program. So your speed matters way more than the exact weight you are. Colleges will put weight on you, ask anyone that has ever played college football.

2)- Catching. If you catch every pass thrown your way, they will find a spot for you. Consistency is irreplaceable. College coaches want guys they can rely on. If you catch everything and can showcase that on film with impressive catches, they will be intrigued regardless of your weight.

3)- Explosive highlight tape. If you are the best player on the field…. A college coach isn’t going to say “well he doesn’t weigh 185lbs so we aren’t going to offer him”. A college coach will say, “he’s a damn good football player and we want him, we will have him gain weight when he gets here”. So there is no substitute for skills. This is not bodybuilding, you don’t have to weigh X amount in order to play. You have to be a baller and that’s that. So don’t use your weight as an excuse as to why you aren’t getting noticed. I’m not saying to completely neglect gaining weight and size, because it obviously only helps your case. But, don’t neglect the other aspects of your game that are more important because you are trying to “bulk” this off season.  

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