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Below we will be discussing 3 tips for SLOWER WRs TO BE SUCCESSFUL. I hope this can help! 

1)-Route Running.

If you are on the slower side of things- you can make up for it by having great technique. At the end of the day, you have to beat the guy who is lined up in front of you. And as WRs we have a huge advantage because DBs don’t know what we are doing & they are essentially playing backwards. So if you can be a great salesman with your routes (always selling vertical), can change direction on a dime, and know how to run routes vs. different coverages you can be very successful. Not everyone is that deep threat run by everybody WR. So you need to emphasize your technique when you are on the slower side of things.

2)- Don’t accept that you are slow.

You might be slow right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to be that speed forever. A lot of people, who don’t know what they are talking about, will say that speed is something you have or something you don’t. I disagree majorly with that. I think on some level that might be true genetically at a certain point- but you can always get faster. Especially when you are high school age or below. Even older than that, why do you think guys will train with a speed coach before the NFL Combine? Because if they knock off 2/10ths of their 40- that could be the difference between a 1st round and a 5th round pick. So don’t neglect working on your running form, doing explosive movements in the gym & training with resistance like running hills.

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3)- Blocking.

Guys you need to understand that blocking is probably going to be 30+% of your offense. So if you can block, coaches will be more than likely to keep you on the field. You need to be an asset to the team in every single aspect of the game when you lack speed. Blocking, Route running, catching, football IQ etc. All of the little details matter. There is no such thing is a little thing when you lack athleticism. 

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