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Below we will be discussing 3 tips for SMALLER WRs. I hope this can help! 

1)- Speed.

If you are undersized, one thing you cannot be is slow. To play football at the next level or to have success with the level you are at, you can’t be short and slow. Speed should be a major priority in your off season/summer training program. Should emphasize explosive movements in the gym, running mechanics drills, resistance training and proper recovery routines to help your body maintain speed and explosiveness.

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2)- Reliable hands.

When you are undersized, coaches are looking for a reason to keep you off the field. So make yourself reliable. Anytime a ball is even close to your hands or touches your hands- you need to catch it. This helps with competition as well. As a shorter/smaller guy, you need to do all of the little things better than the bigger 6’0 guy. You should run better routes, catch every pass and more. If things are even between you and a guy you are competing with- your hands can help you win that position battle.

3)- Football IQ.

The bigger guys, especially in high school football, get away with just running around defenders and using their size to create separation on routes. Short WRs do not have that luxury. If you try to run around defenders, they will man handle us because we are under sized. So you need to learn how to set up different coverages and defensive looks. If you come up to the line and you have inside shade press from a DB- and let’s say you are running a post-you need to know that you should attack him inside & take an outside release. Work to stack over the top or throw by at the break point. A bigger guy can just force the inside release sometimes because he is bigger and the DB might have poor technique. We can’t do that. We have to take what he gives us. Guys you can learn all of this by studying our videos. We post 3-4 Instagram videos per day & 1-2 YouTube videos per day all on WR situations. The information is there and you can study it… for free. So you need to have a high football IQ in order to have success as a small WR. 

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