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Take Action

Action is the best way to get what you want. It is just common sense. I am all for having a positive mindset and believing in your ability but if you just sit around all day that’s not belief. You need to believe in the process as well, not just the result. The result is a by product of your action. If I wanted to be the President of the US, and I just sat around and didn’t take time to learn about politics and how the country runs, but I believed that I would be President, it still wouldn’t happen. If you believe in something you have to take action. The belief that was put in you was trust for the action you take to gain those certain results. Some of you want a lot of success. Offers or championships and you have to believe in it to get those things no doubt. But if you don’t work for it, your belief is nothing. It needs to be everyday, you sacrifice a lot of time because you know it will work out. That is true belief. You are putting action behind your faith. Everyday you are going out there trying to touch what you want. That’s how it needs to be if you want to be successful. Not just wishing. Wishing never got anybody anywhere. It was the hustle and the action they took.

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