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Below we will be talking about the best college camps to attend and the worst college camps to attend for recruiting. I hope this can help!

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The Worst:

Okay so in my opinion there are two places you want to stay away from when it comes to camps for “exposure”. Power 5 college camps & these scam exposure camps. I’m going to tell you two cases that have happened recently and you decide for yourself if you want to be apart of these types of environments.

Case #1: UCLA College Camp. Unless you are actively being recruited by UCLA & have relationships with their coaches I do not recommend going to this. Or any Power 5 camp for that matter. Yes it’s cool to see the facility and workout with their coaches but if that’s why you’re going to a camp it’s probably not the best use of your time and money. I train a few QBs in Southern California who went to this UCLA camp and I asked them how it was. They said there were 60 QBs there…. Just in the freshman class. So this camp was 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and JUCO. So that is probably 250-300 QBs AT LEAST. And that is just QBs. Which is one of usually the smaller position groups. So if you are a guy who has never communicated with UCLA or any college for that matter- DO NOT expect them to just pick you out of a crowd at one of these camps. It is impossible to scout that many kids with only 4-5 hours of time. You might get 1 rep out of 10 in front of a coach that actually matters. It’s not enough. The only guys that get noticed at a camp like this are dudes who can run a sub 4.5 40 time. If that’s you, then great, but if it’s not it is extremely hard to stand out at these types of camps. I don’t know how much they charged for it, but let’s say is $200- if $200 is stretching it for you… I highly recommend you use that money elsewhere. I’m not trying to knock the camp either- but these coaches know who their guys are. They have specific athletes they are looking at. The rest of you are just finding their summer vacation unfortunately.

Case #2: You Are Athlete “Exposure” Camp. I could write a 15 page article on why I hate these guys. I’m just being honest. But here’s what they do- they let guys who have legitimate offers attend the camp for free and then they post them all over their social media page. Whenever a kid gets an offer, they post about it saying “oh after attending our camp in Washington xyz athlete has received 3 D1 offers”. Acting like they had anything to do with it. The kid was ALREADY getting recruited before he went to this BS event. So then, I’m sure you have all gotten the emails/DMs from one of their guys. They “invite” players to spend $200 and attend their camps. Promising exposure and that “Rivals recruiting agents” will be there. When really it’s just one guy… who is being paid to be there. Guys, they just want your money. They don’t have any college connections and don’t want to help you. Please stay away from these camps. Do your research and ask others who have attended. 99% don’t have a good experience and that should tell you something. They use the bigger name athletes… who attend for free… to trick all of the athletes who are legitimately trying to get exposure. And tricking is me saying it nicely. 

The Best:

Smaller college camps. So if you can attend a college camp that has a smaller amount of people going- that’s where you are more than likely to receive attention when unnoticed. That’s how I landed my first offer. Went to a small D2 camp. There was only 12 QBs. I was luckily the best and that relationship I made with the coaching staff led to my first offer. I didn’t get offered on the spot either but it led to one. You should be focused on building relationships with coaches at these camps. Not getting offered on the spot, because that likely won’t happen. Focus on building your Twitter connections so when you ball out this season you have coaches to send your film to that you already know. 

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