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The BEST DIET For Weight Gain

Below we will be discussing the best diet to have to gain weight. This will be a healthy/doable diet outline that any athlete can do. I hope this can help! 

Also, If you are a QB or WR and would like 200+ drills all organized into categories with the exact sets/reps to do, checkout the link below! 

There are three things that you want to increase when trying to gain weight. And it is not eating as many calories as you can, going to fast food places, eating pizza etc. AKA a “dirty bulk”. You want to increase your calorie intake, protein intake and healthy fats intake. Below we will be discussing what some of the best foods are for that specifically. 

High calorie foods are red meats, potatoes, rice, whole grain pasta, whole grains, and chicken. (There are more, this is just to name a few)

High Protein foods are lean meats, red meat, chicken, eggs, pork and fish.

The foods that show up on the high calorie list and high protein list are 100% foods that should be added to your diet. If you are in a calorie surplus, AKA eating more than you burn… you are bound to gain weight. Now as football players, we don’t want to get fat. We need to have as low body fat % as possible so we remain athletic. So we need to lift in the gym to build muscle. We want to gain healthy weight. Protein is important to eat because it repairs the broken down muscle tissue you get in your body from lifting. This will help you recover faster and pack on muscle faster. It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s a consistent & disciplined process.

Foods that are healthy fats: avocados, nuts, eggs, seeds (just to name a few)

Healthy fats are important for weight gain because it can help you gain the right weight. If you’re eating unhealthy processed fats- you will lack energy to workout in the gym and it will be harder to put on muscle. 

If you can eat about 40-60% of your calories  in carbs, 20-30% in protein & the remainder in healthy fats- you will have a good recipe for weight gain.

The most expensive part of all of this will be the protein, so supplementing a protein powder can be highly beneficial to get your intake. The goal is 1G of protein per pound of body weight per day. Below is a great protein powder you can take that is high in protein per serving. 

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