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The BEST QB Recruiting Tips

The first tip I can give you is that the first 3-5 plays make or break your highlight tape as a QB. You want to include throws that make you jump off the screen. Not just routine slant routes down the field where your WRs make plays. Include plays that demonstrate full field reads, arm strength, off platform throws and great throwing mechanics. A coach does not have time to look at your entire tape so the first 3-5 plays are essential to stand out to him.

The second tip I can give you is that college coaches need actual film. If you are a guy who doesn’t have film don’t make a highlight tape based around drills and routes vs air, or even 7on7. Coaches want to see you perform in pads because that’s ultimately what matters. However, if you’re a guy who doesn’t have film the way you can get on a coaches radar is getting out to camps. If you don’t have a film a coach is going to want to see you with his own eyes. Get in front of him so when you do get tape and send it he has somewhat of a better idea of how you play the game.

Lastly, make sure you a respectful to college coaches. No matter what level you are at, there is a ton of turnover in the college coaching world. A coach who is at a D3 right now, might be at a D1 school in 2 years where you plan on committing, and guess what, if you brushed him off he’s not going to want you. Every coach who talks to you is an opportunity. So always treat them with respect so they have a great first impression of you. CHECK THIS OUT BELOW SPECIAL OFFER TODAY ONLY!!⬇️⬇️

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