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The BEST WRs To Study On Film

The first guy I think anybody should be studying is Davante Adams. Today with each receiver we discuss we are going to talk about what you should watch for and what they are the best at. And with Davante Adams what I want you to study is how he structures/pairs his routes. So many guys don’t know how to do this. He makes all of his routes look the exact same. How many times have you see Davante Adams do a hesi move and cross a guy up on a slant? Then he uses that same hesi and makes the DB sit inside to run a fade because the DB is guessing. There are so many things you can learn from Davante Adams, so make sure he is on your list to study no matter what type of WR you are.

Now it’s not just about watching some of the best in the world do what they do, you actually have to apply it. How you can do that is by performing game realistic drills and situations with your on field training routines. If you guys would like a daily workout schedule with over 200+ Game realistic WR drills, checkout the link below ⬇️⬇️

If you are a bigger WR I suggest looking at old Julio Jones film. I think his route running is insanely underrated. The way he moves for a big guy needs to be emphasized by everyone. When watching his tape I suggest looking at the top of the route very closely. See how quickly he gets out of breaks and what he does specifically to get out of his breaks. (Snapping down, speed cuts, rocker steps etc.)

If you are a smaller WR I suggest watching Julian Edelman film. Pay very close attention to how he releases and how he sits in zone coverage. As a short WR the details are so important so if you can emphasize timing with your QB by not getting jammed by bigger Lbs and sitting in open windows you will become an asset to your team. You can learn all of this from Julian Edelman tape.

If you guys are struggling to find tape on NFL WRs, go to YouTube and type in the wide receivers name and attach “route running” to it and 100s of my videos will show up. That’s a good starting point

We are coming to Tampa Florida, Houston Texas, Phoenix Arizona, Newark New Jersey, Atlanta Georgia, Dallas Texas, Chicago Illinois, Nashville Tennessee, & Los Angeles California. If you want more info check it out here! ⬇️

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