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The Correct Rest Day

A very important and not heavily emphasized part of improving your game is a rest day. But not a rest day where you don’t do anything. An active rest day. Stretching, recovery, and getting off your feet. It honestly depends on the player, the shape you’re in and the workouts your doing when it comes to how often you should rest. If you’re doing half ass workouts for not that long, probably once a week is enough. If you’re going super hard, probably 2-3 times depending on the schedule of your week. It all depends for frequency. The way I would approach rest days is by doing three things, stretch(which should be done everyday as it is), Ice bath or cold shower, and a gallon of water. Those are the three things I can recommend  to you on a rest day. But you can’t forget to do something to help your game improve. I would watch film like a mad man on my off days. If you’re a football junkie (you need to be to play at the next level) you need to be watching 7 hours of film weekly, at least. That’s 1 hour per night. If you want to learn how you should be watching film and improving the mental side of the game, click the link below! 👇🏻

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