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The QB Mindset

The mindset of a QB is very unique but I think it is something a lot of young QBs struggle with. I think football is 90% mental at the QB position. First and foremost I think confidence and self talk is a huge aspect not a lot of people talk about. You have to be able to go out there and throw completely like crap, and have the guts to show up the next day like it never happened. Now obviously a bad day for a 5 star recruit might not be the same as a bad day for an 8th grader coming up but it’s the same mindset. Short term memory is probably the best trait you can have. Throw a pick, so what? Learn from it. Failure is good. I think that’s a big part that coaches mess up on too. Failure is a good thing because that’s how you learn and we are all trying to learn as much as we can. Obviously you don’t try to fail but you can almost guarantee you will in anything. Secondly I think being able to quiet the mind and slow down the game is so beneficial for any QB. How you can do that is know the ins and outs of your offense and the ins and outs of a defense. Learn how you can understand what the defense is trying to accomplish and be able to read coverages effectively. If you want to get better at reading coverages, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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