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Tips To Be The Best WR On Your Team

When it comes to standing out amongst other WRs on your team it’s all about the mental side of things when you get to a certain point. At the college level, everyone is a freak athlete. Your IQ and knowing when to execute certain movements is what separates you. Off the line so many guys struggle because they do not know when to do certain moves and the timing of the play. A lot of guys just see a cool release on Twitter or a cool drill on Instagram and do it and then never know when to apply it. That’s what kills guys and makes them freeze up off the line and everything turns into a speed release. Make sure you know what read you are on any given play, what release could work and what timing you need. If you want to see a full 45 minute video all based on 20 different releases you can use, when to use them and game realistic drills to improve them, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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